the letters
Easter Sunday
Mar. 31st, 2002
Grandpa Tom
Feb. 10th, 2002
In Place of Words
Aug 19th, 2001
Toes In The Sand
Feb. 10th, 2001
White Designer Shorts
July 23rd, 2001
Oscar Sunday
Mar. 25th, 2001
Playing In The Tide Pools With Arie`
Nov 18th, 2001
Searching For Meaning In The Aftermath
Sept 16th, 2001
Superbowl Sunday
Jan. 28th, 2001
Easter With Paige and Damian
Easter Sunday 2001
Lisa And Her Dolphins
Aug. 4th, 2002
My New Religion
Nov. 17th, 2002
Celebrating The Holidays
Dec. 29th, 2002
Pelicans, Seagulls & Laundry Day At The Beach
March 16th, 2003
Drinking From The Fountain of Youth
June 8th, 2003
A Family By Any Other Name
August 30th, 2003
By Way of Barcelona & Rome
November 23rd, 2003
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live webcam shots of
Main Beach in Laguna
Ripples On A Pond
December 14th, 2003
caricature by Steve Benson
photo by Jodi Richfield
Blame It On The Bossanova
April 18th, 2004
How Much Is Enough?
August 1st, 2004
Serenity Amidst The Changes
December 5th, 2004
photo by Jodi Richfield
Ojos de Brujo
February 14th, 2005
Watching For The Signs
August & September 2005
photo by Auri Wann
Picking Up Shells
December 2005
Superbowl Sunday 2006
February 5th, 2006
Pussy Cap